APOCATASTASIS - Astrological Look in the True Original Ground and the Eternal Order of Things


The seventh domicile

The 7th and last domicile is the most debilitated dignity of all the planets. These alignments are all new. Here, we also find an anomaly of the double dignities. Now the asymmetries that we discovered in the domiciles 2-7 appear symmetrically and within a state of principles. With this, we now have a complete system of dignities (chapter 2.11), free of any contradiction, where each Planet has a dignity or debility in each sign.

Classification: Moon-Pisces, Mercury-Aquarius, Venus-Leo, Mars-Gemini, Jupiter-Libra, Saturn-Scorpio, Uranus-Aries, Neptune-Taurus, Pluto-Virgo, Faunus-Cancer, Iustitia-Capricorn, Sun-Sagittarius

The only thing left open affects the two hypothetical planetary principles Faunus and Iustitia. Astrological fantasy should not be excessive here. But instead, patience for astronomical facts is of importance, so that the open questions can be adequately dealt with.

7<sup>th</sup> dignity