APOCATASTASIS - Astrological Look in the True Original Ground and the Eternal Order of Things


The Indiscriminate


There was something undefined and complete,
coming into existence before Heaven and Earth.
How still it was and formless,
standing alone, and undergoing no change,
reaching everywhere and in no danger (of being exhausted)!
It may be regarded as the Mother of all things.
I do not know its name,
and I give it the designation of the Dào (the Way or Course).

Lǎozǐ (25)

It is here, it's there,
it is far, it is close,
it's deep, it is highly,
it is so designed that it is neither this nor that is.
It's bright, it is clear,
it is quite dark,
it is without a name,
it is unknown, free from the beginning and end,
it stands idle, is simply, without clothes.

Meister Eckhart