APOCATASTASIS - Astrological Look in the True Original Ground and the Eternal Order of Things




Emil Lips, born on 8th January 1953, at 19:10 in Zurich, Switzerland. After finishing his professional training he had followed a practice of intense meditation over a period of two years, under the guidance of Christian, Buddhist, Sufi and Hindu mystics, saints and sages. And now he wanted to learn a craft that included both the spiritual and material aspects and found it in astrology. It was soon clear to him that this ancient science has a credible relation to reality.

   But he was also aware of the many apparent contradictions and irregularities in the theory. There were too many open questions, too much uncertainty. This is how he was able to bring his dream of combining his professional work with his spiritual interests.

   Astrology became his “Hobby”, his passion, where he invested just as many hours of time researching as he spent working in various jobs as a regular employee. He would like to share the insights gained from his research with this book, where he apply them to astrology.
Emil Lips