APOCATASTASIS - Astrological Look in the True Original Ground and the Eternal Order of Things


The book

Strokes of genius come rarely in life. This is one of those. APOCATASTASIS is an extraordinary work. In simple, clear language, supported by many illustrations and tables, Lips takes the reader to a deeper understanding of the planets, their dignities and debilities, and on to a “world formula” that brings order to chaos and that will change our world-view. The experienced teacher Heisenberg would only examine the work of his pupils when the result was simple and aesthetically beautiful.

The result presented by Lips is simple and beautiful. His astrological research extending over a period of decades has enabled him to discover the law that thinkers of all cultures have been searching for since time immemorial. The principles of his symmetrical astrological theory are now seen to be inevitable. It is a book for all those who are interested in gaining a deeper knowledge about the universal principles of existence, the spirituality that embraces all religion, and astrology, philosophy and psychology.

For 40 years now, the author has closely examined the contradictions associated with classic astrology and has made some astonishing findings. Astrology, just like "Yì Jīng", the genetic code, or our modern computer, is based on simple, binary mathematics. Zodiac signs and planets appear in a completely new and fascinating, clear and meaningful light. The result is more simple and consistent than we ever thought it could be. It is as if we were relieved of blindfolds that were covering our eyes. Now that we have been able to comprehend and position the particles in the right order, we recognize the complete picture as well as the individual Functions, which include the positives and negatives following each other in a circle that signify eternity.

The "planets" are understood as the twelve fundamental cosmic forces that shape and make up all being. In our solar system they embody themselves in the sun and the moon, the seven planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), the dwarf planet Pluto and the two hypothetical planets Faunus and Iustitia, the two Higgs particles of astrology.

The book presented here is the result of intensive astrological basic research. Its main focus is not the usual practical application, but rather the less renowned epistemological interpretation of astrology.


The book is available in English and German