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Universal Concept definition

Do you really want to understand the nature and properties of planets and signs of the zodiac in depth without blindly trusting the opinions of others or the traditions? Then this tool can help you. With just three steps, any terms can be assigned to the zodiac signs and planets. At the same time, it helps us to use terms more consciously and to better understand what we mean by them.

First you enter a term. Ideally with a brief description of what is meant. For example, love can be active (giving) or passive (experiencing). They can also be understood as spiritual or emotional. For "passive spiritual love" (platonic love) you get a different result than for "active emotional love" or for "passive spiritual-emotional love" etc. With ambiguous words, e.g. Spirit (intelligence, ghost, consciousness, etc.) should also be formulated clearly accordingly.


Enter a term!


The evaluation of your answers takes place with the help of the three original dualities MOVEMENT, SUBSTANCE and FUNCTION. The results are shown in the table.
aE5 bD4 hK11 gJ10

fI9 dG7 iL12 kB2 cC3 eA1 lF6 jH8
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