APOCATASTASIS - Astrological Look in the True Original Ground and the Eternal Order of Things


The biosphere

The physical and the vital world can only exist simultaneously and yet they are strictly separated from each other. They lie opposite each other and together form a Big Whole. Both universes, the soft and the hard, are the opposite of the other. They repel and don't touch. But neither of the two can exist on its own (without the other). If biospheres exist in a universe, this means that the two polar worlds touch at these points and the physical mixes with the vital. Biospheres are small islands in the cosmos that enable a symbiosis between the physical and the vital world. Here the strict division between the two worlds is canceled. Humans and all forms of life are a mixture of the two opposing universes. In everyday life we use the powers and the mental faculties of both worlds. How great a person's attention is to one or the other world differs from individual to individual.

It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.
Tagore, Gitanjali 69

Countless small parts of the vital universe continuously incarnate in the biosphere. These life impulses are terminated by the physical universe after a relatively short time. Our life is determined by both universes. Measured against the size of the two worlds, the points of contact (biosphere / habitats) are infinitely small.


The probability that a physical universe will emerge in which the natural constants are like that, life can arise, is very small. That we still exist can only be explained today with divine providence or multiverses. And if there were countless universes, they would all be based on the Astrological Theory of Everything. Why? Because there is no simpler and therefore no more perfect formula.

There is no question that there are innumerable biospheres in this universe. Other biospheres are even conceivable in our solar system. NASA is feverishly looking for them. Candidates are: Venus (in the clouds), Mars (in prehistoric times), Jupiter (Carl Sagen), Jupiter moons (Europa, Io, Ganymed, Callisto), Saturn moons (Titan, Enceladus, Dione, Mimas), Uranus moons (Titania, Oberon) and possibly also the Neptune moon Triton.

Since there is a practicable astrology for the earth's biosphere, it can be assumed that every biosphere has a functioning astrology. Even in solar systems with two or more suns. In a binary star system, one sun could stand for the sun and the other for Uranus or the moon.

Probably the astrology of other systems could also be traced back to the Astrological Theory of Everything. It would also depict the three dualities (active and passive - soft (vital) and hard (physical) - logos (spiritual) and eros (energetic)). The arrangement of suns and planets would be logical and symmetrical, as in our system. The principle that causes astrology always works perfectly, as we can see in our system.

Arrangement according to the circumference of the orbit

- Planet color red = active
- Planet color cyan = passive
- The top lines connect the planetary equivalent

- The lower lines connect the opponents

- Line color gray = sun, moon, Saturn, Uranus
- Line color green = Logos
- Line color magenta = Eros

This also raises the question of whether there is a functioning astrology outside of the biosphere. So if life had never come into being on earth, would astrological forces also reflect the physical and causal processes? If this is not the case, it would mean that astrological reflections are a souvenir from the vital world. That the incarnated life (Venus-Faunus) is accompanied by a meaning (Jupiter-Neptune), which raises it above the pure physical (Mars-Pluto) causality (Mercury-Justice).

It is also still unclear whether or how the astrological reflection shows itself in life forms that have left their ancestral biosphere. Like Neil Alden Armstrong and his colleagues during their stay on the moon.