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The third domicile - true exaltations


If the planets have two different, strong dignities, then it would be a reasonable presumption that there are also other levels. Logically, we will draw on the exaltations. Domicile and exaltation are the only dignities that have debilities in their opposite signs. The double dignities from the Sun and the Moon as one sign cause an asymmetrical pattern in the 2nd domicile. But we find this double dignity again in the classical, conventional way. Mercury is supposed to have a domicile and an exaltation in Virgo. This speaks for domicile and exaltation belonging to the same system. Thus, the same asymmetry is found in the 3rd dignity as in the 2nd dignity.

The alignment of Neptune-Leo, Pluto-Aquarius, Faunus-Sagittarius and Iustitia-Gemini are symmetrical (chapter and the only ones leading to a symmetrical system of dignities in which each planet, in every sign, has a dignity and debility.

We already are aware of five different alignments (Moon-Taurus, Jupiter-Cancer, Mercury-Virgo, Mars-Capricorn, Venus-Pisces) from classic astrology. But, in modern astrology, only one alignment (Uranus-Scorpio) is known. The presumption that there are two traditional alignments (Sun-Aries und Saturn-Libra) is flawed (chapter For one, they contradict symmetrical alignments. Furthermore, they contradict the exaltation of Saturn to an exile-sign from Mars, as well as the exaltation of Mars to a Saturn-sign and vice versa. The exaltation of the Sun to a Mars-sign and the exaltation of Mars to a Saturn-sign and vice versa all contradict one another (Saturn is a counter pole in relation to the Sun). And lastly, the nature of Saturn and the nature of Venus contradict each other (a similar essence of Saturn and Mars), just like the nature of the Sun and the nature of Mars contradict one another (a similar essence of the Sun and Venus). The right alignments are Sun-Libra and Saturn-Aries. Six alignments (Sun-Libra, Saturn-Aries, Neptune-Leo, Pluto-Aquarius, Faunus-Sagittarius, Iustitia-Gemini) are new.

The exaltation is the third most important dignity of the planets. When the exaltation is the third most important dignity, then we can drop the term “exaltation” and instead talk about the third domicile. This is more fitting and less confusing. This arrangement was discovered in 1981, together with the 4th, 5th, 6th and the 7th dignity, and then published for the first time in 1984 by Milgard Verlag (Neue Schule der Astrologie).

The third domicile